Winter River by Owen Kortz 11/12/17.  Thank you Owen - Winter River

Randy captured a bit of Blackbird at Borde Rio 3/15/17 - Blackbird

A snippet of Steve at the Mahogany Grille/Strater Hotel 11/26/16 - I Wish I Knew Why

Steve performing Annabelle by Gillian Welch at the Springs Resort 9/16/2016.  Steve uses a loop pedal and records a rhythm track, a banjo track, then plays lead over top (no canned tracks) - Annabelle 

Steve performing Walking by Andrew York at the Springs Resort 9/16/2016.   Fingerstyle guitar... - Walking 

Here is a promotional video of our guitar duo Two Guitars Telling A Story - Two Guitars Telling a Story promotional video

Pastures New by Nickel Creek, October 2016.  Another fingerstyle tune (casual) - Pastures New 

An afternoon at the Mesa 10/2/2016.  A little rusty on this tune, but this guitar player does play a little banjo.  Cripple Creek by Earl Scruggs - Cripple Creek