Click here for my youtube playlist.  The playlist contains 15+ videos (adding new videos from time to time) and can be played without the need to click between songs, letting the music roll around in the background.  For you music buyers, this is what your patrons will hear as you have me play in your beautiful setting - fine restaurants, soaking in the hot springs, wine festivals, weddings, decks overlooking the river...

Vastopol (or Vestapol) A song from 100+ years ago

Sweet Home Alabama lynyrd skynyrd

Banjo in the Hollow The Dillards

Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton

Cripple Creek performed live at The Spring Resort

Deep River Blues Doc Watson

Seminole Wind John Anderson - Steve sings this one

Here is a promotional video of our guitar duo Two Guitars Telling A Story - Two Guitars Telling a Story promotional video

Little Martha Duane Allman

Goodbye Walker Percy Brooks Willaims

Silent Night

Steve performing Annabelle by Gillian Welch at the Springs Resort.  Steve uses a loop pedal and records a rhythm track, a banjo track, then plays lead over top (no canned tracks) - Annabelle 

No gig tonight so let's lay down Cold Potato Soup by T Martin Lesh 

Classical Gas Mason Williams - Here is the most popular instrumental guitar tune of all times.  I play this song at most every event as folks really enjoying hearing this again.  Thank you Mason Williams for this song, and thank you for taking my call.  Here is another take on this song.  People tell me they like this version too because you can see my fingers.

Twin Sisters

Somewhere Over the Rainbow performed live at the Springs Resort

Good Dog, Happy Man Bill Frisell

Here Comes the Sun The Beatles

 Steve performing Walking by Andrew York at the Springs Resort.   Fingerstyle guitar... - Walking 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 


Randy captured a bit of Blackbird at Borde Rio - Blackbird

A snippet of Steve at the Mahogany Grille/Strater Hotel - I Wish I Knew Why

Pastures New by Nickel Creek.  Another fingerstyle tune (casual) - Pastures New 

An afternoon at the Mesa.  A little rusty on this tune, but I had to add this as the scenery is stunning!  This is the place that I spend many of my days.  Cripple Creek by Earl Scruggs - Cripple Creek