YouTube playlist - This playlist contains 15+ casual videos (adding new videos from time to time).  For music bookers, this is what your patrons will hear as you have me play in your beautiful setting - fine restaurants, soaking in the hot springs, wine festivals, weddings, decks overlooking the river...

Mother Spring - a new rendition of this original song with Jenna, Jason, Rodger and Steve

Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton) by Rodger Bennett and Steve Blechschmidt

Here is a promotional video of our guitar duo Two Guitars Telling A Story - Two Guitars Telling a Story promotional video

Interview on KWUF radio, August 2021 

Steve performing Annabelle (Gillian Welch) at the Springs Resort.  Steve uses a loop pedal and records a rhythm track, a banjo track, then plays lead over top (no canned tracks)

Steve performing Walking by Andrew York at the Springs Resort.    

A promotional video created by the Mahogany Grille/Strater Hotel - I Wish I Knew Why