I (Steve) play in 4 bands in addition to my solo work.  Below is a description of each band.

Rodger and Steve duo showcases Rodger Bennett.   Here is Rodger's story.  Rodger Bennett has performed extensively as a classical guitarist in Mexico, throughout the United States and in Korea, Canada, England, Ireland, Austria and Romania as a soloist and in ensembles. He has also served as the artist-in-residence for the Texas Commission for the Arts, the Texarkana Regional Arts Council, the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the Idaho Commission on the Humanities.  I'm honored when I get the opportunity to sit in with Rodger.  For part of the evening, you will hear Rodger tell stories about and play solo classical pieces.  Rodger and I will play guitar duets in the classical style.  I will sing and play Americana songs and Rodger accompanies me.  No worries, I will bring my banjo and play a banjo set as nothing goes better with classical music then a banjo :-)  Here is a casual video of Rodger and I recorded by a listener. 

Two Guitars Telling A Story (TGTAS) is an instrumental guitar duo featuring Guy Steagall.  I have never heard another guitarist that has "blow you away" riffs like Guy possesses. When you are in that moment in a song and you need the guitar to take you to that magic place, Guy can take you there.  And, Guy's ear is special.  As I'm playing a classical piece, Guy can hear the melody/theme of the tune and find a rock & roll based part in the midst of the classical guitar piece.  This the rock & roll and fingerstyle combination makes TGTAS unique.  TGTAS plays throughout the Front Range. Click on this link to visit Two Guitars Telling A Story -

Acoustic Picnic plays old-timey tunes using an appealing instrumentation arrangement.  Carol (my wife) plays the autoharp, Dave Pettus plays the acoustic guitar and I (Steve) play the banjo.  We play songs like Ghost Riders in the Sky, Today, The Water is Wide, and our music is very well received.  Here is a link to Acoustic Picnic's Facebook page - 

As You Go (also known as The As You Go Band) is a Christian folk music band featuring Rick Larson.  Rick is a divine lyricist. Here is a line from the song Soft Between Us, "Why the earth is shaking man on man to tear and break down, what other children try to build and be.  What makes it so hard to understand is a morning like this... a morning like this...".  Or how about this line from the song Second Book, "Silhouette of the buffalo mingles with the ghost of the mastodon".  As You Go's main "gig" was playing for the hurting folks at the Volunteers of America's shelter in downtown Denver, CO.  As You Go played at the shelter for 12 years.  Click on this link to visit The As You Go Band -

Both Two Guitars Telling A Story and The As You Go Band have CDs available.  Please send me an email if you would like a CD -

Enjoy this day we have been given!  ~ Steve