They SAID...

I maintain this information for Event Managers and other folks who might want to book me.  These comments are unsolicited feedback from management or listeners from places I have played.  This feedback comes to me via emails, text messages, Facebook posts, Thank You cards, etc.   So, to all you bookers of music, here is information that may help you decide...”

— Note from Steve regarding this page

They love you!  I’ve been asked to see if you can do another VIP gig in the Events Center...” - management

Sky Ute Casino

I feel it was one of the best yet!!!  Thank you again for the music it was wonderful!!! I look forward to working with you again in the future!!”

— Event Coordinator

We were relaxed, enjoying our drinks and the live guitarist.” - Alley House Grille customer

Yelp Review

...we have had such a great response to having you play at the pools that people want more!” - The Springs Resort and Spa management

— Feedback from the soakers

My-Oh-My TGTAS and all the people had a VERY nice time.  Here is what the Winter Park folks said,  "You were exactly what we were looking for, and I can’t thank you enough!” - management

Winter Park

There was also an acoustic guitar player that was very good which totally added to the ambiance." ” - Riff Raff

— Trip Advisor review

btw your guitar playing is fantastic”

— FB post

Hey to all my Pagosa folks! We've got a great classical guitar player tonight." ” - Manager of Pagosa nightlife establishment

— FB post

I want to share with you "they said" comments regarding our duo Two Guitars Telling a Story (TGTAS).  I'm playing solo more these days since my music partner lives 6 hours away, but TGTAS is alive and well!   Here is a representative sample. --------------------------------- Steve, I checked it out, nice chops on both your guys' parts & great take on all the arrangement ideas. Send me (3) when you're done." -  a personal note from Mason Williams --------------------------------- “Guy and Steve have captivated our members at Red Rocks Country Club with their strings. Their musicianship is unparalleled and it will instantly put your event or venue in a league of its own. Quite honestly, Two Guitars Telling A Story is a world class experience, unlike anything else you will experience in Denver. ” --------------------------------- “Gratified to have another great review! Jeff B. was stoked by the performance of Steve & Guy at his private party on July 20. His quote " WOW, These guys are GREAT!" Our post performance surveys uses a 10 out of 10 rating. He gave the duet a 12!” --------------------------------- “This is by far a stellar monthly event. You can't imagine how good these guys are. Awesome! You will love this duo. Totally acoustic and prodigy level talent.” --------------------------------- “The CD has been on constant rotation in my car's CD player for the past two days. The range of songs is impressive from Allmans to Neil Young, to Beatles, and even a dash of Led Zep. I got on the website and found a version of "Classical Gas" that I really liked, too. I love that full wooden acoustic guitar sound and I love having these undiscovered treasures. Keith (Palm Beach Gardens)” --------------------------------- “These guys are excellent! I initially played the CD on my lengthy commute to and from work on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday and Thursday too! The CD immediately became one of my favorites. These musicians are innovative, imaginative very accomplished. Thanks! Dan (Dallas)” --------------------------------- “Hi my name is .......... I was at a dinner a few years ago and I really liked you. I lost your album when I moved and I can only get two of your songs on Spotify. I would really like a new album. It is the one with the face on it that is really abstract. Please email me back. Thank you .............. is 11 years old and listens to your album every night.”        ” - From listeners...

— Two Guitars Telling A Story